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Heres a  remix i did for ma old pal dj franksen.Its out on the BAr 25 label.



its been a while since the last update and  a lot things happened in the last year.

theres a LP in the making, wich will be released on O°RS in early 2017, And there will be a matt flores farside 12" next year as well.

i won the ArtDirectorsClub award europe in gold for the sounddesign for the fraunhofer award ceremony 2015.

i have a couple of exiting projects in the making. Since the summer i have been working on a couple of tracks with miss amber pine, a singer and Saxophon player from around the bend, wich i know since years and who i always wanted to work with. With her British/Jamaican Roots she brings the right amount of cultural background, witch i find very inspiring. keep ears open for this one. 

AI is working on the second LP atm., while the first one is more or less soldout.

also i got commissioned to do the musical director/composer/sounddesigner for the Senckenberg Night at SENCKENBERG NATURMUSEUM FRANKFURT .

then theres the next Fraunhofer Fraunhofer Award Ceremony to do in Mai 2017, so theres enough stuff to wrap my mind around till the end of this year.


heres an excerpt of the Sounddesign and Music i wrote for the interdisciplinary  Hess Club gold member  event in Barcelona. 



Some Raw cuts

coming soon on a yet secret 12" label.



Flatt  Mores, that dark twin of me, wich apears since a couple of years every now and then, wrote this ten years ago. meet up again with tyree, ell be bad,  kemo and more on those uptempo rap tracks beyond compare.


"... i discovered a new analytical way of listening music. The unheard sounds came through, and each melodic line existed of itself, stood out clearly from all the rest, said its piece, and waited patiently for the other voices to speak.
That night i found myself hearing not only in time, but in space as well.

i not only entered the music but descended, like dante, into its dephts"

Ralph Elison, Invisible Man, 1947

i released my first "solo" album metaworld° in 2003 and was accompanied by  a bunch of great Vocalists, Musicians, Producers and Friends.

In those days everything was changing for me,
friends, relationships, technology, comunication.
everybody was experimenting with different musik styles, beats and patterns. 
i ran into Tyree Cooper, who asked me to do a remix of " housemusik is my life" for his album. that actually got me into house in the end.
anyway, heres that whole Album, have it.
i leave it up for free, till the 200 free downloads are done.

vocals: katja schuier, kemo mc, nina NINJA schmitz, hristina kuzmanovska, tyree cooper, mizz bunty, buju banton

percussions: kay vester

bass on latenighttube: rolo köferstein

guitars on in your eyes: don jovany  on saudade: frank schwicklevsky.

additional keys on chonspiracy chords: frank bauer.

additional producers: adam kroll, franz schuier, herb lf

combination records as the original releasing label.

A&R philipp maiburg & frank d` arpino.

artwork & Metaworld font by Oliver Raeke / MAGIC. TATAA!

photos by Bernd Edgar Wichmann

THANKS TO ALL WHO WHERE INVOLVED!!    Metaworld by Matt Flores</iframe>



House/not House. heres the latest release by the name " vast cities", this time a downbeat beatmaker track. released on the upcomming O*RS Compilation SOFTEIS, this beatdriven track features some spocken words by My-T, stinging synth sounds and mystik reverb rooms. VIDEO



just finished a new jingle for theCarhartt radio show

----------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


beeing the producer and drummer for the KrautBand AI from his hometown Duesseldorf, matt gladly presents the labour of love of the last two years, the AI first Album after releases on several plattforms like Slowboy, Themes for great Cities and others.The LP is now ready to Ship as 12`Vinyl with five tracks (50min) via bandcamp


2dorf 6.02.2015

Matts latest instalment is ready to drop on the  O*RS imprint  on february, the tags it  as  pop marimba house, while matt worked it around a Ballaphone and sang it himself. limited to 300 handnumbred clear Vinyl Copys its now ready to be shipped. also on the 12`vinyl you find trickskis Labbé, UKs Dubson and Dresdens finest Scherbe.




heres the Remix for the Grannies.



two new tracks. 



i had the pleasure to be the musical director for the Fraunhofer Jahrestagung 2014

wich won gold at the  FAMAB Award and won gold at the EUBEA Award  in the Category B2B & Best Technical Innovation Award! read also  an interview w/ Director Petra Lammers in deutsch.



Space is the place. AIs new extended player named "Tiefenraum EP" found its way to deep spaces. Whoever wants to join us on our soul travel - feel free to do so on bandcamp paying what you want and picking your format of choice. Expect three stations of groove and atmosphere in outer space and don't miss our gigs in Düsseldorf (21.110.'14 Consum) and Solingen (28.10.'14 Waldmeister e.V.).


Heres a short doku from my friends from onliveline about the Annual Meeting of the Fraunhofer institute 2014, for which I had the great opportunity to write the score & sounddesign.



the guys from Love Unlimited Vibes just released the 11th

episode of their great LUV series including a TRACK  by ........... ( you guess)



rehursal Day 2. worked on the #sounddesign #Music for this Event in the last months. More soon on my vimeochannel. #konzerthaus #freiburg #fraunhofer #event #Matt Flores #friederweiss



Our friend algerone deep-end boysen in Johanesburg / SA asked for a Mix for his Deep-End Productions podcast a couple of months ago. its got a bit of a family affair with tracks by  the usual suspects with loads of outsider house and a few new upcomming secrets like the next LUV 11 and other  thinks by humble brother Matt.

you can listen to it after the Jump 



Here is a Clip by my Friend Lillian Stillwell, showing her diverse choreographic work in Swizzerland, U.S.A and Germany.

the Track in the Video was written by me in Budapest, while working for " jeruville" and is called Klauzal Ter.



Here it is, the latest release on  FARSIDE RECORDS, w/Henry l & Ingo Sänger, Paskal & UrbanAbsolutes. you can listen to my Track ASTOUNDING after the jump.



While my next release "Astounding" on Farside 23

 is still weeks away, the brandnew fantastic french site ECOUTE features the INNOCENTS from the WNDR ep in they day-dreamer Section.



exited to anounce the latest release WNDR ep on the new bandcamp site.

five tracks including a SNSSC remix as FREE DOWNLOAD.


The Track B1, also known as "golden we "on LUV 07 has just hit  30,000 plays today on Soundcloud, you can purchase it now digitaly via bandcamp.


Split Personality EP on visky-recordings out Sept.2013 on all plattforms world wide W/ Lay-Far including

" locals only", an organic slow house track driven by a lot of live recorded instruments like a pianobit by Meike Rath, drumloop by Michael Zapf, bassslide by Andreas von Hillebrandt, Percussion by Kay Vester.


By the way, this is where most of the magic happens, the metaworld° STUDIO.



Matt Flores is a German music producer, sound designer and DJ, who released his first track in 1996 on Ata Tak. Since then, he has produced music on an international level with countless Releases to his name under different projektnames.

mighty flores, gushcollective, flowerz, goozebumpz,  and more recently i:lykeghostnotez, Ai and of course matt flores.He has toured with live acts  and played DJ  gigs throughout the world, composed music for the internationally acclaimed television series CSI, for the Deutsche Luft und Raumfahrt, produces for the Carhartt Radio Show  and worked extensively with dance and theater. In 2010 Flores composed music for 'catcher', a dance-theater piece by the choreographer Johannes Wieland at the State Theater in Kassel. Since 2010 he has worked for Solarplexus, an interdisciplinary art project integrating theater, video art and live music, as well as loops in Chur / Swizz.

At the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus he composed scores for the interdisciplinary theater project Jeruville in 2009 and 2010, where he performed his own sound design live during the performances. The project fuses youth theater with contemporary dance and live music, and had its last installation in 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. He is also performing live with the harp player meike rath, with wich he produced tracks in 2011 and pitched for a Mercedes Benz Advert.

In 2012 he  released Tracks on LUV unlimited & Room with a view. He is also producing the upcoming Album of AI at the moment, wich allready have their first release on the KINGII LP  (slowboy records) and is in progress on the follow up of his highly acclaimed Metaworld LP on combination records.

Having released the ‘Waveform’ EP via Cinematic’s sister channel, Shack Music in ’07, the Düsseldorf-based veteran delivers the 4 track Richter Method EP, again partly in conjunction with Meike Rath in May 2013, on one of Londons most recomended House Labels, CINEMATIC.

In 2014 he released the track ASTOUNDING on farside, an  A side on LUV 11 and has come up with his own digital output via Bandcamp with the WNDR ep on his own METAWORLD imprint, also having some remixes lined up for the end of the Year for O*RS, just like that, to name but a few.




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